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The external staircase has a great functional-aesthetical architectonic importance; it has glass shelves on a thin stainless steel structure built-in the north side of the CDV.

The external scale identifies the hall of the CDV and leads to the first flies’ floor, where two glass doors allow direct access to the kitchen area. The staircase will wrap with its three flights of stairs and its landings an autochthonous tree typical of the area where the house is built. The plant branches cross and envelop the glass tunnel that connects, on the second shelf, the sleeping area to the whirlpool bath.
The inner plants (not necessarily autochthonous), use the air-conditioning for an optimal living space; they may be reflourishing, aromatic and scenting plants etc. in each case they are adapted to greenhouse life, they will be in close communion with the outside plant that grows in the central area of the external staircase.

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