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The House of Glass is an envelope made of glass and a slender stainless steel structure that makes you a participant of the rhythms of nature, rhythms punctuated by sunlight, the sunrise and sunset are always before your eyes. There is the 360° view of the world from the circular sofa-bed. The shower acts as hot water rain, the bath as a hydro massage under the rays of the moon. The fragrances of the various plants growing inside creates the flavors of life, soaps, shampoos, oils, perfumes. The smells circulate of cheese, mushrooms, delicacies, sweets, the flavors of wine, champagne... the five senses in contemplation of existence.

The House of Glass as an ancestral approach to the world, where the direction of the Earth axis is always detectable where the position of the sun is identifiable all year long, the tubes of the structure pointed towards the Polar Star. In starry nights it is possible to see the firmament rotating around the continuation of the tubes.


Sofa bed
Thermo fireplace

Autonomous Unit

Completely off-grid self-sufficient unit; the energetic, electrical, hydro independence, does not link the house to any infrastructure or urbanization work

Open spaces and uncontaminated areas await

Complete wireless control, home automation entirely controlled by a touch screen tablet and/or vocal commands, wireless commands for switching on/off LED linear lights, controls and regulation of voice, video, heating, air conditioning, windows opening/closing, regulation of the access without keys thanks to the use of voice recognition... shower and bath opening/closing, hot/cold water setting, kitchen suction control.

Technical solutions in the daily-use components of the house: group washbasins + bidet + WC to recover sewage water for the WC, air suction directly from the WC flushing box activated by motion sensor, big screen-mirror + touch screen monitor, round sofa-bed with rollaway central element covered in soft latex.

Advanced technical solutions:
mono-poly crystalline solar panels
treatment and utilization of rain water
complete recycled and the treatment of effluent water for irrigation

OptionalsEntirely controlled by tablet with touchscreen and / or voice commands

Perfect continuity between inside and outside

Ground floor with a teck planking similar to a deck


The exterior planking surrounds the house and continues uninterruptedly inwards. The glass walls rest upon the planking, the interior plants with roots planted directly into the ground grow through the wood-block flooring. Mezzanines with timber beams and glass, the shelves. plants, teak, finishes, other furnishings and various objects including pictures, hanging clothes etc. combine to improve the acoustics and limit the reverberation of sound.

The House of Glass has also a basement area with internal access from folding hatches under the spiral staircase, the hatches are multicolored, like petals that open up to the passage of the glass and stainless steel spiral staircase. There is also an external access from the external paving with a mechanical fixing that hides the stone walls and terracotta treads. And then we access to the basement floor with its teak boards like upstairs but surrounded by bioengineering structures made with wooden poles filled with stones, breathable dry stone, smelling of earth, which contain and hide the light structural elements. Here under the decking is the technical heart of the CDV: heat pumps, lithium batteries, water pumps, the well... but mostly it is the pantry room of the house that supplies the inhabitants with the secrets of the world: the odors of blue cheese from raw milk drying with species and aromas of the forest, of wine, of hay... and bottles of wine and champagne refine in the half-light marking their strictly biodynamic nature, their ancestral nature.

Everything improves the acoustics and limits the reverberation
Plants and teak
Hanged clothes

The House of Glass

Placed in the world, in the day, in the night, in the seasons.

The tracker solar panels sistem is patented
The circular sofa bed with the central rollaway zone is patented
The suction that takes place directly in the WC flushing box is patented
The wedge design of the glass exterior aspect is deposited
The brand CDV is deposited
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