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Thermo fireplace

The convection closed fireplace placed on the wooden plank on the ground floor, square-shaped in plan-view, is equipped with 4 sides with glass guillotine or swing (ideal for cleaning) openings, each one separately openable and to prevent unwanted releases of smoke, with block that conditions the single opening of a faces one by one. The barrel of smoke evacuation is coaxial to the airconditioned ventilation ducts.

The duct starts aligned to the building and divides into two different parts, one on the right and the other on the left, for the respective zones air conditioning. It is expected to bring in the various zones, the air-conditioned with perforated stainless steel pipes on view in order to create a good diffusion of the air-conditioned. The air-conditioned management is entrusted to a group located in the basement. Here there is the production, through heat pumps and respective, of cold (fireplace off) and hot air-conditioned, going to integrate the air produced by the fireplace when this is insufficient.

The air returns to grills situated in the ground floor wooden plank. The airflow from the basement floor passes for the 4 stove uprights and mixes in his hood, and then it spreads in different inner area of the House of Glass.

The central home automation system, connected to the external and internal temperature sensors, controls the production and / or the eventual integration of heat or cold, it controls, through butterfly valves in the pipelines, the departing flow rate and the various airflow towards the various House of Glass’s areas.

The natural ventilation has a great importance for the air-conditioning. Also the natural ventilation is under the central home automation control that commands the windows opening-closing: hoppers for the lower part on the south side, and windows with shutters for the high part on the north side.

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