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The wedge design of CDV was conceived to obtain a single pitch facing south on which it is possible to arrange an array of photovoltaic panels, assembled on a solar tracking support where the panel moves perpendicularly to sunrays all day long and during the different seasons, as sunflowers do.

The glass pitch inclined to the south is hung to the frame that supports the solar tracker panel movement. It has, as the framework, slope equal to the latitude of the place in which it is situated. As a result the Earth’s axis and the beams that support the panels are parallel. This feature, as well as allowing a solar tracker panels o work, through a simple daily-annual synchronization of the micro-engines of each panel, it personalize each intervention adapting the pitch, that faces the south, to the slope that is equal to the latitude of the place in which the house is situated, giving an absolutely ancestral characterization to the architectural work itself. The roof are more and more inclined proceeding to the north, the pitch is less inclined if the house is built southward. This project, conceived for the pre-Apennine Tosco-Emiliano south side, has a 44° framework slope. For Central Europe, the inclination may vary (in sexadecimal) from: Bern 46°,95 and Vienna 48°,22 to Berlin 52°,50 and Amsterdam 53°,65, while southernmost: Roma 41°,90, Madrid 40°,40 and Athens 37°,97. In North America, always in the northern hemisphere, it varies from Ottawa, 45°,42 , New York 40°,70 , San Francisco 37°,70 , to Atlanta (Georgia) 33°,75 , Los Angeles video 34°,88. Each latitude involves a specific study of the interior lofts disposition, that raise or drop according to the roof glass roof pitch slope.

The solar tracking mechanism is easily doable through scheduled hour-day time synchronization. The mechanism also allows the full 90° panels rotation by night or during the period in which the panels do not work, in doing so it lets us have a complete view from the CDV interior on the welkin, allow full visibility from the inside of the celestial sphere, nullifying the screening effect that it has during the day.
The complex energy autonomy is mainly entrusted to the photovoltaic system that, with its of energy production overabundance allows the implementation of mode of energy storage as the creation of water reserves and / or material storage for the generation at the time of need (as the dried wood chips, etc. ...). The CDV energy independence permits a perfect off-grid installation, ideal for isolated environments and immersed in nature, such as parks, forests, lakes, ... etc. .. Where there is no human activity and there is a complete contact with nature.

Wedge Design with a shading of tracker solar panels

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