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The bathroom area is completely open space and it is articulated on several spaces and levels as described below.

On the 1st floor loft, on the left, looking from the inside, there is a group washbasin-bidet-WC, with a central stainless steel support box and with glass washbasin-bidet-WC. Over the group there is a big monitor-mirror (B=200cm x H=112,5cm) completely touch-screen and multi windows. The monitor is equipped with double-face micro cameras for the mirror function, with possibility to zoom (to make-up, shaving beard, ... etc.) in a window that may superimpose to the flow of the monitor images (movies, TV-newspaper, pages of newspaper, etc. ..). These double-face screens are independent of each other; in the whole CDV there are just these two monitors. Here you can see films from the living room below, check email, surf the internet, browse the newspapers or magazines, watch TV, effect, etc. While the audio is entrusted to a micro speakers widespread system. This system is also useful to balance and attenuate the glass walls glare effect.

The shower tray on the same level of the 1st loft, is a round landing with access aligned to the washbasin-bidet-WC block. The landing extends towards the living room. Plants growing on the ground floor, together with the stainless steel square railing (the same used on the other lofts), crown the shower tray, creating, with the shower running a real warm rain in the tropical rainforest.

On the upper loft (2nd floor), vertically aligned to the washbasin-bidet-WC block, there is a large round glass whirlpool bath; while the vertically positioned solar panels offer a wonderful vision on starry nights. The bath is provided with 8 air openings activated by coaxial pumps installed in close columns and served by stainless steel recycling pipelines in view inox. Particular attention is given to the use of washbasin and bath sewage that is stored in the close columns cavity and then used to recharge the WC flushing box, avoiding the wasting of drinking water. In addition, for a good functioning of the open space, an air suction system has been developed directly from the WC bowl. The suction system uses the water supply duct from the flushing box to the WC bowl. Here in the flushing box a depression is created through a strong suction and through a curved tube linked just before the pipe linking the flushing box with the WC bowl. Consequently every bad smell is carried away from the source. The presence sensor activates the sucker when the user approaches. A further environmental suction is entrusted to the upper part of the flushing box through a grate, just next to the command button; the grate, with the increasing of the depression in the WC flushing box, opens and then closes during the normal suction phase.

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